As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 situation we have reviewed our Bookings Process to align with additional safety measures from the UK Government, UK HQ and North Leeds. This includes limited availability during daytime and evening visits to the site.

You can download the campsite’s COVID-19 Risk Assessment for restarting here.

Please see  the below campsite map for the locations of our camping fields and indoor accommodation. Further details of the camping fields and indoor accommodation can be found on the Facilities page and the fees can be seen on the Fees page.

Please use the below availability calendar to see what is available when but please note it is possible for us to have received bookings that are not yet shown on the calendar.

Bookings Process

  • Bookings will be made by email to [email protected] It is essential that we are given a minimum of one weeks notice of your request. Please be aware that the site availability diary is no longer current.
  • Please state which field you would prefer (top, flag or activity) and the number of people anticipated (maximum 15 including leaders). Please note that booking the top field gives you usage of the fire shelf, booking the flag field gives you usage of the camp fire circle and if you book the activity field we can supply oil drums if required. If you do not have a risk assessment approved by District then your request will be rejected.
  • You will be allocated a time slot as close as possible to the one you request. Arrivals are to be staggered to enable social distancing to happen.
  • Do not confirm your visit to your Group until you receive notification that the visit is confirmed.
  • You will need to bring your own first aid kit and sanitiser for use on arrival and departure.
  • Please ensure you read the risk assessment and arrivals and departure processes before your visit.

Arrivals Process

  • You will be allocated an arrival time and designated a field when your booking is confirmed. Please ensure that this information is given to those who will be attending.
  • The site is operating a drop-and-go policy. Please advise parents/carers that they will not be allowed to park the car and get out. To that end each Group needs to have a designated person in the car park to receive their Group and direct them to the sanitisation station. There is no facility for parents to stay whilst their child is on site unless they are part of the leadership team.
  • Leaders should be directed to the old car park and are asked to park their cars there keeping a 2m gap between cars if possible.
  • On arrival at the site leaders should set up a ‘sanitisation station’. All attendees will use sanitiser on arrival and departure from the camp site. You will need to provide this yourselves.
  • You must maintain a register of all those who attend in the event of contact from NHS track and trace.
  • Please ensure that your group are aware of the boundaries of their activity area and the no go areas. It is essential that, except for visits to the toilet block, that the Group remain within the boundaries of their activity area.

Toilet Facilities

  • A one way system will operate into and out of the toilet block – please follow the arrows.
  • Your Group will be allocated a cubicle and you are requested to use only that one. Please ensure your young people are aware of the need to thoroughly wash their hands and use the sanitiser provided
  • At the end of the evening a thorough clean of the toilets will be performed by the wardens. Any offers of help would be greatly appreciated

Departure Process

  • You are requested to keep to your departure slot in order to maintain social distancing for other groups on site.
  • Please ensure the group use the sanitiser as they leave the site and again we request that parents remain in the cars and leaders deliver the children to each car. Please also collect the used paper towels from the toilet and remove from site. Wike has no waste facilities.
  • Please advise the warden when all your group has left the site.

Emergency process

In the event of the need to call the emergency services

Dial 999 and request the service you need.
Campsite address is:
Wike Scout Campsite
BackStone Gill Lane Leeds LS17 9JS.

This information is stored on the notice board near the wood pile.

Please advise that the campsite is through the village, past the pay and play golf course and to look for an adult in a high-vis jacket on the left hand side of the road.

Request that a responsible adult goes to the wardens hut and obtains a high vis jacket then stands at the entrance to the camp site so they are visible to traffic coming from the village but are safe from potential injury. Their role is to be a marker for the emergency services

Notify the warden on site that an emergency vehicle is expected.

After the incident please ensure that a report is filed with the warden and that the incident book is completed.

NB. As from 1st Sept 2014 all site users must either burn their waste or take it home for disposal. There will be no waste disposal available on site.

If you want to enquire about more than one set of dates or you would like more information or advice about what to book then please contact our bookings secretary Martyn Leat by email or by phone.

We will attempt to accommodate late notice bookings where we can but please try to make bookings including for evening visits at least a fortnight in advance to allow us time to try to find available duty wardens.

Wike Risk Assessment Document
Our Risk Assessment Document for Wike Campsite is reviewed at least annually or when there are changes to hazards or processes. You can download it here.

You can download the campsite’s COVID-19 Risk Assessment for restarting here.

Site Map Calendar
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Wike Campsite is owned and managed by North Leeds District Scout Council – Charity No. 1085203