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Fees are subject to occasional updates.
Fees & discounts will be confirmed by the Booking Secretary.

Wike Site Fees 2021
Please note that there is a new charging structure in place for hire of the buildings.

As from 1st January 2017 hire of any of the buildings will no longer include camping fees for anyone who stays overnight. All visitors who stay overnight must pay the appropriate nightly camping fee.

Area / BuildingDistrictScout / Guide / Other
Main Hut – per 24 hours or part thereof.£100 .00£100 .00
Main Hut – Evening visits – charged on an hourly basis.£12 .00£15 .00
ActivityDistrictScout / Guide / Other
Per Night
(Per Person)
£3 .00£3 .50
Day Visit
(Per Person)
£1 .00£2 .00
Evening Visit
(Per Person)

£ 1 .00

Evening Visit
(Full Site)
£20 .00£30 .00
Full Site*£* Fees available on request,
and are subject to Logistics.
(6 people)
£18 .00£18 .00

In the event of cancellation within four weeks of the camp date, the full fee will become payable unless North Leeds are able to re-let the booking.

If booking any of the buildings then payment for that element alone is required once the booking is confirmed.

Fees and deposits for full site bookings will be advised by the Booking Secretary.

All rubbish must be removed from the site at the end of your stay.

Charges are inclusive of electricity, gas, toilet rolls and disinfectant.