Site Rules

Wike Campsite Rules

On Arrival
All Groups Must Report to the Warden.

All groups on site are responsible for ensuring toilets and showers are cleaned during the camp and also before leaving site after a day or evening visit.

* When using Camp Fire Circle please maintain a reasonably sized fire and not a huge bonfire.
* Please ensure that the orange fire bucket by each field tap is filled with water prior to any fires being lit* On the upper camping area all fires are to be confined to the Fire-shelf unless using an altar fire.* On lower field, please observe existing fire areas.* Respect living trees – neither chop or saw branches.
* Please return any unused wood to the woodpile.
* DO NOT put glass on a fire, it does not burn
* If burning your rubbish/waste, please ensure it is fully burnt and the ashes disposed of when they are cold.
* Return all oil drums to the store. Please stack them upside down* All ashes to be disposed of in the appropriate area, including those from Camp Fire Circle.

No Smoking
here is no smoking (or vaping) on site.
Anyone wishing to smoke must go off site at the bottom gate.
Please ensure cigarette ends are not dropped on the floor or discarded into the shrubbery

* Tables and benches must not be taken outside the hut. There is a supply for outside use
* Motor Vehicles must not be driven onto grassed areas

* Observe Out of Bounds limits to farmland and woods and Golf Course
* To prevent soil erosion please keep to pathways from top to bottom field
* Do not throw anything onto Farmland or Golf Course.
* Chemical toilets, if used, are to be emptied into cesspit – see Warden
* Uniformed organisations in camp are requested to fly Union Flag
* The Site must go quiet by 11pm

On Leaving
* Ensure Toilet facilities are cleaned.
* Return all equipment borrowed and advise of any breakages or loss.
* Check stream and dismantle and remove any dams that have been built.

NB. As from 1st Sept 2014 all site users must either burn their waste or take it home for disposal. There will be no waste disposal available on site.

Additional Charges
If the Hut has not been cleaned and everything put away properly there will be a cleaning charge made based on time needed to deal with this.

A copy of the site rules can be downloaded here.

The Duty Wardens decision is final.